Sunday, 4 June 2017


The moth trap has been running on several nights recently at the country park, here a Robinson trap pictured at 4.30am just after day-break on Friday 2nd. A Skinner trap was also running nearby through the night and by dawn a total of nearly 270 macro moth individuals of 55 species was noted.

This large privet hawkmoth was the star catch during the night of Tuesday 30th, amongst 29 other species.

A tiger and an elephant in the moth trap together! The good spring continues for the cream-spot tiger moths with another individual pictured on the left along with the first of the colourful elephant hawkmoths of the summer.

The marbled brown has appeared on several nights over the last fortnight.

A freshly marked burnished brass with its striking brass colouration on the wings.

There haven't been many of the migrant moth, the silver-Y so far this spring with this one on Sunday 28th found before it poured with rain at one o'clock in the morning.

A couple of the first peppered moths have made their first appearance. This one the pale form which will be joined over the next few weeks by a few of the darker form.

The beautiful hook-tip is now a regular moth at the park following its first appearance in 2013.

Other moths noted at the park in the last week or so have included oak hook-tip, pebble hook-tip, common swift, figure of 80, riband wave, blood-vein, lime-speck pug, brindled pug, common marbled carpet, common carpet, sandy carpet, grey pine carpet, yellow-barred brindle, scorched carpet, brimstone,latticed heath, clouded silver, light emerald, waved umber, willow beauty, poplar hawkmoth, pale prominent, buff-tip, pale tussock, white ermine, buff ermine, heart and dart, shuttle shaped dart, flame, large yellow underwing, small square spot, setaceous Hebrew character, shears, bright-line brown-eye, white-point, common wainscot, shoulder-striped wainscot, dark arches, light arches, grey dagger, angle shades, marbled minor, rustic shoulder knot, treble lines, vines rustic, mottled rustic, spectacle, snout, and straw dot.

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